Telecommunications Workers Union Committees

TWU Committees
Committee Roles

Health and Safety
Human Rights
Political Action


Executive Council

COMMITTEES as of November 2007
Constitution Committee
Education Committee
Finance Committee
Pension Trustees
Bargaining Committee
Clerical Job Classifications/Evaluations (JEMS)
Contracting Out, Monitoring and Action
Employment Equity
Health & Benefit Plan Trustees
National Health And Safety Committee
Human Rights Committee
New Certifications Committee
Political Action Committee
Quality Of Service Committee
Shareholder Activism Group
Technology Committee
Workplace Harassment Committee
Youth Committee
Federation Of Labour Committees
- Alberta
- British Columbia
- Ontario
- Quebec (FTQ)
Canadian Labour Congress

Elected Committees


Ann Bridge
Bryant Boyd
Marc-André Brochet
Bruce Kennedy (Chair)
Lawrence Singh
Juanita West
Monte Worthington, First Alternate
Greg Kadey, Second Alternate


Jean-Luc Boisvert
Bonnie Collins
Nancy McCurrach (Secretary)
Shelley Snape
Chris Stephens (Chair)
Judy Venn
Harmony Jackson, First Alternate
Martin Plourde, Second Alternate
Ivana Niblett, Business Agent


Elizabeth Fletcher, (Secretary)
Brenda Forward
Philip Pocock
Randy Romer
Lance Trevison, (Chair)
Paul Wigboldus
Dave Michie, Alternate
Sherryl Anderson, ex officio

Pension Trustees -- TWU

Carol Nagy
George Doubt, President
Sherryl Anderson, Secretary-Treasurer
Lee Riggs, Business Agent


as required

Appointed Committees

Clerical Job Classifications/Evaluation (JEMS)

Lila Hackett, Business Agent - BC
Cindy Orivolo, Business Agent - BC

Contracting Out, Monitoring and Action (COMAC)

more to be filled
Dave DiMaria, Business Agent

Employment Equity

Lila Hackett, Business Agent - BC
Ivana Niblett, Business Agent - AB
Maria Zonni, Business Agent - ON

Health & Benefit Plan Trustees

Michael Deforrest
Czar Loquia
Ron Ritchey
Lori Ruggles
Steve Taylor
Lance Trevison
Cindy Orivolo, Business Agent

National Health & Safety

Al Haggstrom, Secretary
Brian Harlow, Vice Chairperson
Greg Kadey
Bob Marcus
Dave Michie Chairperson
Al Pasternak
Doug Tse
Dave Turcotte
Benny Chou (Alternate Stratcom)
June Garden (Alternate BC)
Judith Say (Alternate BC)
Kelly Wright (Alternate ON)
Dave DiMaria, Business Agent
Maria Zonni, Business Agent

Human Rights

John Bass - ON, Secretary
Jean-Luc Boisvert - QC, Chairperson
Louise Gertzbein - ON
Kavita Parasram - BC,
Betty Lockhurst, Business Agent - AB
Tamara Marshall, Business Agent - BC
Tricia Watt, Business Agent - ON
Isabelle Miller, Business Agent- QC

New Certifications

John Carpenter, Vice-President

Political Action

Carmen Cairns - BC
Michael Irving - BC
Guy Mousseau - BC
Colin Brehaut, Business Agent
Alyson Williams, Business Agent

Quality of Service

to be filled

Shareholder Activism

to be filled


to be filled

Workplace Harassment



Marc-André Brochet
Brad Brown
Mike Lucas
Harmony Oakley
Alyson Williams, Business Agent


Federations of Labour & CLC Committees (Appointed)


Vice-President -- John Carpenter
Vice-President -- Ivana Niblett
Education -- Ivana Niblett
Environment --
Human Rights -- Betty Lockhurst
Political Action -- Alyson Williams
Women's Committee --  
Youth Committee -- Alyson Williams

British Columbia

Executive Council -- George Doubt
Political Action -- Colin Brehaut
Occupational Health and Safety -- Dave DiMaria
Women's Rights -- Betty Carrasco


Health and Safety -- Maria Zonni
Human Rights -- Tricia Watt
Women's Rights -- Maria Zonni
Visible Minorities -- Tricia Watt

Quebec (FTQ)

Health and Safety --

Canadian Labour Congress

Disabilities Committee -- Betty Carrasco
Political Action -- Alyson Williams
Youth Committee -- Alyson Williams