Canadian Industrial Relations Board and/or Supreme Courts Decisions


Decision Date Title
Finalization of TWU bargaining unit certificate 2020/07/29 CIRB Decision 1920 - Affecting the finalization of the TWU bargaining unit certificate
TELUS to provide home phone numbers 2020/07/17 CIRB Chairperson rules TWU-STT Canada entitled to contact information for all TELUS employees who are members of the bargaining unit. Employer obliged to provide the union with home telephone numbers of all employees.


Decision Date Title
Union Insignia in the workplace 2020/07/06 Arbitrator has declared TELUS Policy null and void to the extent it prohibits the ordinary display of TWU logo's and buttons. Wearing such insignia protected by Article 4.02 of the Collective Agreement.
Unfair - Labour Practice 2020/05/08 Decision of the CIRB regarding the Section 37 complaint launched by Dave Michie


Decision Date Title
Unfair - Replacement Workers 2020/09/9 Unfair Labour Practice Complaint_Replacement Workers
UFLP Union Dues 29Aug05 2020/08/29 TWU reply to CIRB following our original July 21/05 UFLP complaint, includes application for interim order requiring Telus to deduct Union dues and remit those dues to the Union
UFLP Operator calls 29Aug05 2020/08/29 TWU reply to CIRB following our original July 21/05 UFLP complaint
TWU Letter to CIRB 2020/08/17 TWU sent a letter to the CIRB requesting that the Board appoint a special mediator by ordering Telus to accept the offer of the appointment of a special mediator made by Labour Minister Fontana on July 11.
Unfair - Union Dues 2020/07/21 Unfair Labour Practice Complaint_Union Dues
Unfair - Operator calls 2020/07/21 Unfair Labour Practice Complaint_Operator calls
Unfair - Expert Program 2020/07/21 Unfair Labour Practice Complaint_Expert Program
Unfair - Access to Company Premises 2020/07/21 Unfair Labour Practice Complaint_access to Company Premises
1291 Decision (E) 2020/07/21 CIRB Decsion on unfair labour practice complaint against TELUS
Supreme Court Judgement 30872 2020/06/30 Dismissed Telus application re: ClearNet
317 RD (E) 2020/04/20 CIRB Reasons for decision on Reconsideration of Binding arbitration
TELUS leave to appeal 2020/02/14
TELUS leave to appeal factum
Binding Arbitration Decision 2020/02/02
TWU and TELUS Binding Arbitration


Decision Date Title
Clearnet Decision (E) 2020/12/17
Clearnet Judicial Review Decision
TWU Filing (E) 2020/09/16
TWU Judicial Review filing
1128 - Ltr (E) 2020/08/18
Bias Application
278 - RD (E, F) 2020/06/24
Reasons for Decision 1088
1088 - Ltr (E, F) 2020/05/21
(ClearNet)Decision of Including TELUS Mobility East employees in the TWU Bargaining Unit
277 - RD (E, F) 2020/05/21
Exclusion of expert witnesses
271 - RD (E, F) 2020/04/08
Reasons for Decisions - Unfair Labour Practices against TELUS
1004 - Ltr (E) 2020/01/28
Unfair Labour Practice


Decision Date Title
244 - RD 2020/09/02
Reconfiguration of Bargaining Unit
222 - RD 2020/03/20
Interfering with a trade union


Decision Date Title
143 - RD 2020/11/19
Application for review of structure of bargaining units
125 - RD (B) 2020/07/11
Illegal Strike? - TWU engaged in overtime ban
108 - RD (B) 2020/02/09
Reconfiguration of the Bargaining Unit


Decision Date Title
94 - RD (B) 2020/10/19
Reconsideration - Review of bargaining unit structure
73 - RD (B) 2020/06/09
Application for review of bargaining unit structure